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30 Under 30 Europe 2016: Retail & E-Commerce

Ross Bailey/Appear Here Profile. Link to article.

E-Tailer MeUndies to Enter New Stage of Growth in 2017

The digital intimates and loungewear brand has focused for the past year on building the right team and is now turning to next steps for the business. Link to article.

Grailed Is Selling Off 100 of the Rarest Menswear Gems of All Time

If you’ve got a hardcore menswear fan in your life—the kind of guy who will spend Saturday mornings scooping up the latest limited-edition sneakers and who owns multiple things from our “25 Most Hyped Pieces in Menswear Right Now”—then chances are he uses Grailed. Link to article.


Time to Buy Some Rare Menswear: The Grailed 100 Is Back

In the relatively short time since their launch, menswear reselling platform Grailed has made good on their quest to become the best men's marketplace on the Internet. Link to article.


The Daring 25: Clothing Trendsetters

FOUR: GRAILED – Online retailer/breaking the traditional e-commerce model via its consumer-curated collection of highly-coveted luxury menswear. Link to article.

What Is Drinkable Collagen? It Might Be The Secret To Better Skin & Hair

Remember all of those magic potions we used to read about in fairy tales when we were little? Well Dirty Lemon has officially made them into the real thing. With its new line of drinkable collagen products, the brand has made it possible to drink our way to better skin and hair (yup, you read that right). Link to article.


Arun Gupta’s Grailed is democratizing luxury streetwear. Still, is this actually a good thing?

In a recent report for Complex, writer Skylar Bergl (formerly of Complex’s jocular and now-defunct streetwear title, Four Pins) profiled the rapid progress of high-end streetwear resale marketplace, Grailed.  Link to article.


MeUndies: How This Millennial Entrepreneur Is Revolutionizing The Underwear Business

It never ceases to amaze me how entrepreneurs discover innovative ways to create new marketplaces or improve upon existing ones. Take underwear for instance. Everyone wears them (or at least most), so you’d think that all of the bases would be covered by now. Link to article.


Why MeUndies is adding layers to its subscription model — Q&A

MeUndies underwear specializes in super soft, stretchy fabric as well as adventurous designs, but not all of its customers are ready for boxers or bikinis patterned with, say, Halloween ghosts. So the Culver City, California, startup is modifying its subscription service to cater to its less daring customers. Link to article

Get to Know Grailed, the Online Men’s Fashion Shop for A$AP Rocky & More

The air of online marketplace Grailed’s new Soho loft in Manhattan on a late Friday afternoon is thick with vape smoke. There are few desks in the space and the framed art—brash and street style—isn’t yet on the walls. “We outgrew our old offices fast,” says Arun Gupta, who launched the curated resale site specializing in cult menswear in early 2015. Link to article.


The Startup That Wants to Help You Find High-End Fashion’s Holy Grails

Less than three years old, Grailed.com caters to the well-heeled looking to augment their luxe wardrobe. Link to article.


What’s In FabFitFun’s Fall Box? It Features 6 Amazing Female-Founded Products

If you're a subscription box junkie, you’ve probably heard of the miracle that is FabFitFun. The quarterly subscription box is specially curated for each season and features everything from fitness products to food to fashion and beauty. Link to article.

Has the millennial consumer become more demanding than ever?

Desire for instant gratification has pushed up consumers’ expectations and opened the way for a new kind of selling. Link to article.

The Charcoal Water Brand All Over Your Instagram Now Does #BeautyWater

Can a drink that looks, feels, and tastes like water be the answer to your skin, hair, and nail problems? Link to article.

As Secondhand Clothing Market Heats Up Online, Startups Shift Their Focus to Men

Men looking for cheaper clothing are about to have a lot more options. Link to article.

How one underwear brand boosted sales through sassy Snapchat fare

Snapchat is a hard nut to crack for many brands because there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy: Link to article.

Beyond the Conventional: Dirty Lemon & Zak Normandin’s Story

Zak Normandin is the first to admit he isn’t the healthiest person, but he’s human–he loves coffee and going out for drinks just as much as the rest of us. Yet his focus on the health and wellness space with the Instagram-popular detox drink Dirty Lemon, comes as no surprise given his background. Link to article.

What is Grailed? CEO Arun Gupta Talks Men's Cult Labels and Reselling Culture

A lot has been said lately about men and how they buy clothes. According to a recent survey conducted by fashion PR firm The Boutique @ Ogilvy, men are spending more time and money on shopping for clothes than women. Link to article.

FabFitFun Launches ‘ISH’ Contour Kit

FabFitFun is taking the phrase #IMSMOKINGHOT to an entirely new level with its boldest launch to date: ISH! After analyzing the data of their highly-engaged member community, the successful subscription box company saw there was a lack of direct product accessibility for consumers. Link to article.

Grailed’s Quest to Become The Best Menswear Marketplace on The Internet

The used menswear site has found a dedicated audience. Now, it’s looking to the future. Link to article

Grailed: An American Success Story

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock for the past year, you have probably heard at least one person talk about the online resell store Grailed. Founded by Arun Gupta about two years ago, the small scale resell store has evolved into a mecca for menswear. Link to article.

Looking for the Perfect Mattress? Try One You Can Customize

Customizable mattresses from Helix Sleep, ReST Bed and Reverie make finding your ideal comfort level less of a needle-in-the-haystack search. Link to article.

Getting The Best Fashion, Secondhand

Arun Gupta says he was never much of a fashionista — just a guy who likes to dress sharp without going broke. That's how he came up with the idea of Grailed.com, a high-end consignment website. Link to article.

Appear Here reveals global expansion plans, pop-up retail trends

Temporary retail company Appear Here has plans to further expand its reach beyond the UK, following its foray into the French market last week (3 March). Founder Ross Bailey told Event that the company has its sights set on a number of key locations. Link to article.

Juice cleanse company Dirty Lemon continues to grow

Zak Normandin wants Dirty Lemon to be the go-to functional beverage for millennials. The cold-pressed raw juice is primarily made with lemon and activated charcoal and is marketed as a daily detox. Link to article.


Detox drink sensation Dirty Lemon is cleaning up your hair and skin next

A bottle of Dirty Lemon is to today’s digital superstars what a Venti Starbucks cup was to Rachel Zoe and the Olsen twins in the mid-aughts—not only a pick-me-up, but an era-defining accessory. Link to article.

100 of Fashion’s Rarest Gems Will Be Auctioned off in Tomorrow’s Grailed 100

Raf Simons, Helmut Lang, Supreme, Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, UNDERCOVER and so much more. Link to article.

Ross Bailey: On ‘Pop-Ups’ and Raising £6 Million To Disrupt the Retail Market

For Ross Bailey, spotting an opportunity to disrupt the property market and allow brands to rent in the short-term retail space was the easy part. The three years that followed weren’t so much. Link to article.

There’s now an app for men to thrift shop without hassle

Secondhand shopping for dudes? Forget about it. While women have been buying and selling formerly-loved clothing for decades with sites like Etsy, ASOS Marketplace, Swap, and even niche markets like Mod Markit, the same hasn’t been true of men. That is, until now. Link to article.

A growing internet ecosystem is breeding a radically new generation of fashion-forward men

Just a decade ago, it would have been hard to imagine many 16-year-old guys waking up in the morning to obsess over high-end designer fashion news. But today, it’s a growing—and lucrative—phenomenon. Link to article.

MeUndies Thinks Fun Is What’s Missing from Underwear Shopping

Eleven minutes and 58 seconds. That’s how long the recorder has been running before Bryan Lalezarian, the CEO of underwear startup MeUndies, tugs down the waist of his jeans and shows me his underwear, to effectively demonstrate just how excited people get about their MeUndies briefs. Two seconds later, the head of PR and social media, Greg Fass, follows suit. Link to article.

BWW Interview: Zak Normandin Founder of DIRTY LEMON DETOX

Dirty Lemon is a direct-to-consumer beverage company founded in August of 2015. The brand was conceived when founder, Zak Normandin tried a very popular “14-day detox” and ended the process feeling far worse than when he started. Link to article.

Dirty Lemon: The Simplest Detox For Everyday People

Detox. Ah yes. The five-letter word that’s prone to bring either feelings of excitement or those of discomfort. With pro-health retail stores carrying a plethora of options and influencers sharing the latest weight management trends on social media, it’s hard to choose and stick to a consistent regimen. Link to article.

NEA And Upfront Ventures Back Subscription Box Company FabFitFun In $3.5M Round

Not all the “box of the month” clubs have found success, but one that took a slightly differentiated route – full-sized products, shipped quarterly – has bootstrapped its way to $15 million in annual revenue, investors tell us, and has recently taken in its first outside capital. Link to article.

Interview with Grailed Founder Arun Gupta

Grailed has become one of the best websites to buy sought-after menswear online. While heads still scour eBay, Japanese auction sites and online message boards to find ‘grail’ designer items, Grailed has made the process easier to navigate for many. Link to article.

Q&A: Dirty Lemon CEO Zak Normandin on branding, detoxing

Have no fear, pizza-eating Millennial. Dirty Lemon is here. Learn how the new detox beverage rocks Instagram with Millennial-friendly branding. Link to article.


How A $700 Pair Of Boots Changed The Post-eBay Clothing Resellers’ Landscape Forever

Restocking–and decluttering–your closet has never been easier thanks to online used-clothing retailers like Grailed and Twice. Link to article.

Underwear Startups Have Investors Hot And Bothered

After taking the runway at New York Fashion Week, fashion tech is making a play for the bedroom. A new collection of underthings and intimates startups are getting down to basics—and venture investors are seeing 50 shades of green. Link to article.

Behind Grailed.com, Menswear’s Biggest Shopping Secret

At just about a year old, Grailed.com is quickly becoming one of the premier online destinations for secondhand designer gear. Founder Arun Gupta started the site as a way to put the experience of shopping at niche forums like StyleForum and Reddit on a more accessible platform, and it’s not uncommon to find everything from Rick Owens leather jackets to Supreme collaborations on offer. Link to article.